Nonstop raving about David Tennant (literally nonstop my queue runs continuously) and Doctor Who. This is a David Tennant fan blog and about 80% of what I post is probably Tennant-related. Right now that means I'm completely obsessed with Richard II and Gracepoint.

Features: "Weird Wednesday" (oddities, random bits of knowledge, things you never thought you'd see, etc.) and "Martha Monday". Feel free to block those tags if you don't like weird stuff or Martha Jones.

I am a huge nerd, so I post an eclectic mix of stuff. Other stuff you'll find here: Shakespeare, archaeology and really old stuff, dogs, animals, fashion, vampires, monsters, gory gothic stuff

I tend to reblog and do original posts of whatever TV show or movie I'm watching at the moment, and right now that's Penny Dreadful and Orphan Black, so feel free to block those tags if you're not interested. Other shows I love and post a lot about in season are Vikings and Lost Girl.

I also post my own original writing, photo edits and gifs, and creative stuff.

I do post NSFW stuff and bisexual and lesbian posts, and my own smutty fiction from time to time, so be warned. I try to use the tag "nsfw" so please block it if you don't want to see nudity, sex, and similar stuff. However, what your workplace and mine consider "nsfw" might vary, so I do also use the tags, "sex", "sex scene", "naked" and so forth for things that I might not consider nsfw but that you might.

I answer most asks privately, so feel free to send me a message. Anonymous messages will all be published.


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    I am also down with having this on my blog again. Especially his “I am going to throw someone up against a wall” face in...
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